Client introduction

  INGENIUM is a professional construction enterprise in Angola, which obtains general  contracting architectural certification of Degree Eight (the highest certification). INGENIUM was founded in 2005, and construct many projects, such as commercial building, the  residences of government invested, the commercial and residential composited offices, and hotels with African style, banks and other municipal infrastructures. And the business scope  involves Angola, Portugal, Brazil, and China.etc.
     There is more than 400 staff from different countries in INGENIUM, which contains managing team. In engineering field, our technical team contains the architectural
engineers, hydroelectric engineers, project managers, cost engineers, and Portugal architectural designers with rich experiences; the workers are with clear-division,
excellent technique, standard construction, and orderly management. In business-running, INGENIUM takes advantage of local government’s preferential policy and the famous partners to enlarge our market. In recent years, INGENIUM is seeking for opportunity in Brazil  construction market and Portugal estate.
      As the grant development, following the spirit of “build the best, exceed ourselves, develop sustained”, INGENIUM creates to be an international enterprise in construction field.

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